Why should I have a shredding service instead of shredding in house by purchasing my own shredder?

It will cost you 3 to 5 times more to shred in-house than to hire a shredding service; the cost of the shredding machine, maintenance, electrical usage and disposal – not to mention the cost of labor, which adds up to much more than the cost a scheduled shredding service. Plus, we do all the work for you!


1st Secure Shredding
In-House Shredding
  • No initial purchase

  • By shredding everything the guess work is avoided

  • By using us, employees are able to focus on their primary responsibilities

  • We provide at no cost to you containers as part of your service

  • The dust and debris remains in our mobile shredder

  • No maintenance costs.

  • Container opening is wide enough to put everything in. Or you may open up the containers to add large volumes of books or files.

  • Purchase commercial grade shredder

  • Employees sorting between confidential and non-confidential is time consuming and error prone.

  • Employees spend time removing staples, paper clips, binders, while shredding a few sheets at a time.

  • Confidential documents are left in unsecured bins, trash, and desktops

  • Employees have to deal with dust and debris created by the shredders.

  • You have ongoing maintenance costs and continual purchase of bags for shredding waste.

  • Papers get stuck or too thick to shred

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Are there any restrictions about what we can put into the containers?

No, anything and everything can be included. 3 ring binders, paper clips, staples, rubber bands, file folders, CDs, etc.

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What if we need you to come out before my scheduled service date?

It’s simple; either call us @ 678-773-9306 or simply click on the “Contact Us” page and complete the brief questionnaire. 

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What if we wanted to add or delete the number of containers that we have or the frequency of service?

Again, all it takes is either a phone call or click on the “Contact Us” page and let us know what you need. 

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Do you issue a certificate of destruction?

Yes, when the job has been completed, the customer service representative will hand you your COD immediately for your records.

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How do I know everything has been destroyed?

You may watch the entire process on a TV monitor that is on the side of the truck.

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How do you ensure our security?

We conduct a thorough background check and require that each employee has a clean driving and criminal record. All personnel submit to ongoing, credit checks, criminal history and have random drug testing. We go to the highest level of security available.

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What if I only need shredding once a year?

Depending on your location it can be as quick as the next service day.

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Can I keep my boxes?

Yes, you may keep them to reuse.

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Do you bring the shredder into our office?

No, all shredding is done with the commercial shredders that are mounted in our trucks.

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How do we pay for your services?

You may pay with either a check or credit card. For regular service we will invoice you on a monthly basis. For clean-out/purges we will give you your invoice at the time of service and you may either pay with a check or credit card.

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Do you have lockable containers?

Yes, we offer a variety of containers, both lockable and unlockable to meet any need that you have. We provide locking consoles, 64 gallon and 96 gallon rolling bins. We can also provide under the desk locking containers. All free of charge for your use.

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Why would I use a shredding service instead of just recycling?

A Recycling center is not designed to provide security. Recycling centers are accessible to the public. All the paper is sorted in whole form for the different grades by recycling employees. They use open collection containers exposed to the eyes of anyone.

Plus when your paper is in route to the recycling center if an accident should occur, your information could be exposed to everyone all over the highway.

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Do you shred both residential and commercial?

Yes, 1st Secure Shredding services both types of customers.

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Can you shred product – Hard Drives and X rays, etc.?

Yes we can!

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Do you use cross-cut shredding methods?

No, our paper is actually torn at the fiber, making it more difficult to reconstruct.

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Do you recycle?

Yes! All of our shredded documents are recycled at several facilities sent to the mills and made back into paper products. 

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What should be shredded?

EVERYTHING: We can shred paper, blueprints, microfilm/fiche/ CDs/DVD/videotapes, credit & ID cards, X-rays, pill bottles, magazines, hard drives, etc.

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